Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm back!

At least for a while...

It's that time of year again - the beginning of the official Chez Evil Birthday Month. Yes, next week is the beginning of August, where every week has at least one birthday, and usually more than one. To recap:

Aug. 2: S's birthday
Aug. 16: Evil Bro-in-law's birthday
Aug. 18: M's birthday
Aug. 19: Big Girl's "boyfriend"'s birthday
Aug. 23: Evil Dad/other bro-in-law/my PA buddy's birthday
Aug. 26: Good ex-GF's birthday
Aug. 29: Mom's birthday
Aug. 31: Great-Aunt's birthday/buddy in NC's birthday

I have this nagging feeling that at least one somebody's missing from that list...

Last week I spent an agonizing hour picking out pictures to send with M & S's birthday cards and letters. It's always hard for me. How do you pick out the dozen or so pictures that tell what's been going on here for the past month/s? Every picture's never quite right, never perfect enough. The pictures that show Big Girl with her birthgrandparents, where she looks so much like the two of them - they bring back not-so-happy memories of infertility and tremendous guilt. Even though this was their decision, even though time and again they picked us to be Big Girl's parents (when there were plenty of people encouraging them not to do so) - I still feel guilty. Maybe someday, when I feel stronger, the name of this blog will change. Not today though.


H.R.M. Queen of the Universe said...

You forgot me, Aug 18 also. What am I going to do about your guilt trips? Are you sure you aren't Catholic? I was raised Catholic, I know guilt.

spyderkl said...

I'm part Jewish, so it's probably a genetic flaw. :D

Aug. 18? Want some yarn? Seriously...I might have a couple of 3-ply worsted skeins or three if you'd like.