Monday, July 21, 2008

Everybody gone? Yes?

Then I guess it's time for a bit of a whinge.

I decided to start writing here again to keep things away from certain busybody neighbors, in addition to locking all my adoption-related posts on my other blog. I quit writing there about a couple of weeks ago - roughly coinciding with my "eagerly-anticipated" trip to my gynecologist. Or as A puts it, my "V-doctor".

I've been having some lower back and abdominal pain over the past year or so, along with some breathtaking (literally - as in I can't breathe, the pain is so great) cramping and nausea during my actual periods. Yes, I still have them. :P When I mentioned this to my now-ex doctor over a year ago, she prescribed antidepressants for me and basically told me to shut the hell up and quit bitching. Surprisingly, the antidepressants did exactly nothing for me, and left me worse off than before.

During my visit to this doctor, she raised her eyebrows, asked how much worse were the cramps than before, and wrote me a prescription for an ultrasound along with my yearly breastpress mammogram. Just to make sure it's nothing more serious than premature menopause.

And now that you've had far too much info about me for one day, it's time for me to go. Baby Girl needs to get a cavity filled. Don't ask. I suck so badly as a parent.